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Our Story


The story of Bee’s Barfi, like many other bakers & makers, began around lockdown time. It was March 2020, when Bees Barfi was founded by couple Bee & Gavin, turning a hobby into a fully-fledged business.

Before the launch of the business, Bee would often make barfi for friends and family, especially her grandparents, who always gave a ’10 out of 10’ rating (insert video of asking Baba). The recipe for the creamy barfi balls was first shared by her aunties and then adapted into different flavors, shapes, and cute designs. It was unlike any barfi available to buy and made many appreciate the treat, seen as a throwback to sweet confectionary that had not evolved.

Gavin & Bee_edited.jpg


Gavin, who previously lived in Belgium, the home of chocolate truffles - was always impressed when Bee would bring over barfi (in Tupperware & biscuit boxes). So much so, they would be finished in one sitting!

When lockdown rules came into play in 2020, it made it difficult for people to meet & integrate… the barfi was sorely missed. Towards the end of March, Bee’s grandfather and biggest supporter, sadly passed, making a tough time even harder.

One of the rules of lockdown legislation allowed business partners to meet & operate so Gavin had the idea to create the brand to have time together whilst paying homage to Bee’s grandfather through one of his most enjoyable treats.

Busy Bee - Bees Barfi.png


Putting a modern twist on a traditional South-Asian delicacy, Bees Barfi was born. The handmade full-coated chocolate gave premium luxury feels similar to that of renowned Belgian chocolate truffles. All of the branding was created in-house in simple, clean packaging to represent all the different communities & different generations that enjoy barfi.

Since Bee’s Barfi inception, the company has gone on to be a leading innovator in the barfi business; Being a premium mithai supplier, working alongside some of the world’s biggest names in the industry including Fairmont Windsor, National Asian Wedding Show, Ricco Events, Madhus Catering. Through unimaginable support, Bee's Barfi has been able to innovative designs to celebrate special occasions throughout the year and cater to over 200 weddings & events.


The aim is to continue bringing joy to guests at events like weddings, mehndis, nikkahs, etc, and bring the barfi to newer generations to showcase barfi truffles to a worldwide audience 

Busy Bee - Bees Barfi.png
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