Bespoke Chocolate Barfi

White Chocolate

Creamy, perfectly sweet, white chocolate barfi. Guaranteed to melt in your mouth

Milk Chocolate

Moorish coconut barfi covered with a fine quality milk chocolate. 

Dark Chocolate

Sophisticated dark chocolate covered barfi for a sharp taste of cocoa with a sweet filling

Mint Chocolate

Subtle hint of mint laced within a plain chocolate barfi adds a refreshing kick to our Barfi

Orange Chocolate

Rich, smooth terry's orange chocolate covered barfi - unforgettable, zesty flavour


White,chocolate covered Barfi with a slight, zingy, lemon kick inside. 

Hazelnut Chocolate

We all love Ferrero Rocher. Now imagine the crunch but with a soft, milky barfi texture

Oreo Barfi

Deliciously crunchy Oreo mix infused into our barfi mix. topped with light chocolate coating.